Help yourself by hiring a Florida Social Security disability attorney

It is possible, and not too difficult, to file your Social Security disability claim application on your own. The next step, however, is very difficult. If your claim is denied so that you need to appeal then you will want to have an experienced Florida Social Security lawyer helping you.

Government statistics indicate that Social Security disability claimants have a better chance of success if they have a disability lawyer

The Social Security Administration Inspector General analyzed Social Security disability claims and one of the conclusions of that study was that people who apply for Social Security disability benefits have a better chance of success if they are represented by a Social Security disability lawyer.

An obvious advantage to having a disability lawyer on your side is that the lawyer has experience working with the Social Security Administration and knows what is needed to help your case. Since the lawyer understands what the Social Security Administrative Law Judge is looking for, a disability lawyer can prepare you for the hearing by teaching you what your testimony should cover, and how you can best explain the limitations caused by your disability.

Most applications for Social Security disability claims are denied

Although filing the application for Social Security disability benefits is relatively easy, this does not mean that the claim will be accepted. Unfortunately, approximately two-thirds of Social Security disability applications are denied at the beginning application stage.

The next step is to ask for a reconsideration of the claim, but only 15% of claims receive Social Security disability benefits after reconsideration.

This shows that persistence is important when working on your Social Security disability claim. You do not want to give up after a denial because the best chance for an award of benefits comes at the appeal stage. Over half of Social Security disability claims that are appealed are granted so that the person is finally awarded disability benefits.

You can hire a Social Security disability lawyer at any time

Some people prefer to file their own Social Security disability application. Other people want to hire a lawyer right away, even at this beginning stage.

This is up to you. An attorney can become involved at either time: at filing the application or after the application has been denied.

A disability lawyer can go with you to the Social Security disability appeal hearing

When your application has been denied and you appeal then you are given a hearing with a judge. You and your lawyer appear in person to this judge and you have the opportunity to explain how your disability limits your ability to work.

Although the hearing is held in front of a judge and you are there with an attorney, it is very different from a court proceeding. Some of the differences are:

  • It is not an adversarial proceeding. That is, there is no opposing side; no attorney who argues against your case. It is simply you and your attorney presenting your case to the judge.
  • The location is more informal than a courtroom. Social Security disability hearings are held in normal conference rooms.
  • The procedure is informal. Unlike court proceedings that can have rigid evidence and procedural rules, the Social Security appeal hearing has an informal atmosphere that allows you and your lawyer to talk to the Administrative Law Judge and explain your disability.

Help is available from a Miami Social Security disability lawyer

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